My Roaccutane Diary

Being a teenager comes with its many hurdles and this includes spots for many people. If they come in masses and frequently occur its known as Acne. Such an ewww word. Acne comes in many forms I know there is Acne Vulgaris (gosh thats hard, calling someones face vulgar *my thoughts on having this type... Continue Reading →


Terror incites Love

Hiya all, Note: For background music while reading this please tune into 'O Children' By Nick cave and the Bad Seeds ❤ What's really resonated with me lately is these attacks. I feel as though the conflict of every movie is reflected in these attacks. Harry Potter, The Batman movies, Slumdog Millionaire. At the centre... Continue Reading →

How To Tackle Tokyo

I have had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo 2 times (feel very blessed), and I honestly couldn't tell that they were the same places. These two times have been the exact opposite and I couldn't even tell it was the same place. Albeit this could be due me being herded everywhere in a group the... Continue Reading →

No words to describe…

Well, I think I should start by addressing the elephant in the room - where the fuck have I been for 6 months? The answer is simple, I have been living life and very busily might I add. I finished high school and decided to travel and gain something before I started university, I can... Continue Reading →


On the 13th January I embarked on an Adventure to Japan. It was a 16h plane journey to the surprise of many and thank god that it's only an hour time difference otherwise I'd still be in bed 5 weeks later. I have surprised myself over the past 5 weeks, I have discovered Independence and... Continue Reading →

Now, ladies and gents by no means am I vegan. The draw of calcium and everything it entails is too strong. Like who can't resist a hot chocolate on a chilly day and yes I know you can change it up with almond, rice, soy milk but Cadbury Hot Chocolate powder also contains milk solids... Continue Reading →

I am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes Just finished this novel today, and I have attempted to express my love for it in this review; When I read the first few chapters I have to admit I was stuck but i didn't want to continue because it made me gag as I read it on the train and i... Continue Reading →

Lucy Lou

Hi all, Long time no type, In the long time I have been absent I have finished my Year 11 semester 2 exams and finished term 1 of Year 12!!! Only one more year to go then I'm relinquished of school forever. Well, its been a journey that's for sure but I feel like my... Continue Reading →

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