Terror incites Love

Hiya all, Note: For background music while reading this please tune into 'O Children' By Nick cave and the Bad Seeds ❤ What's really resonated with me lately is these attacks. I feel as though the conflict of every movie is reflected in these attacks. Harry Potter, The Batman movies, Slumdog Millionaire. At the centre... Continue Reading →

How To Tackle Tokyo

I have had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo 2 times (feel very blessed), and I honestly couldn't tell that they were the same places. These two times have been the exact opposite and I couldn't even tell it was the same place. Albeit this could be due me being herded everywhere in a group the... Continue Reading →

No words to describe…

Well, I think I should start by addressing the elephant in the room - where the fuck have I been for 6 months? The answer is simple, I have been living life and very busily might I add. I finished high school and decided to travel and gain something before I started university, I can... Continue Reading →


On the 13th January I embarked on an Adventure to Japan. It was a 16h plane journey to the surprise of many and thank god that it's only an hour time difference otherwise I'd still be in bed 5 weeks later. I have surprised myself over the past 5 weeks, I have discovered Independence and... Continue Reading →

Now, ladies and gents by no means am I vegan. The draw of calcium and everything it entails is too strong. Like who can't resist a hot chocolate on a chilly day and yes I know you can change it up with almond, rice, soy milk but Cadbury Hot Chocolate powder also contains milk solids... Continue Reading →

I am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes Just finished this novel today, and I have attempted to express my love for it in this review; When I read the first few chapters I have to admit I was stuck but i didn't want to continue because it made me gag as I read it on the train and i... Continue Reading →

Lucy Lou

Hi all, Long time no type, In the long time I have been absent I have finished my Year 11 semester 2 exams and finished term 1 of Year 12!!! Only one more year to go then I'm relinquished of school forever. Well, its been a journey that's for sure but I feel like my... Continue Reading →

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