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Just because.... Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
Just because…. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

My header is of The Royal Crescent, Bath. I have been there when I was 11 and it is undoubtedly beautiful. I’m all for History and The Crescent was built between 1767 and 1775. Being one of the most Iconic examples of Georgian Architecture It is worthy of its header 🙂 (no doubt). Anyway as my first post I am full of excitement to bombard the readers (hopefully one reader… at least). I hope to be posting about the details of different accents from all over England, what different cultures think of them and how they react to them! (trust me I would know, have a extremely strong english accent and moved to Australia 4 years ago and the mocking never stops! Though I kind of like it… sometimes). I will be talking about Travel, Food, Television, school and its mishaps (still at school). I would like to think I am aware of current affairs and worldly social attitudes. I want to start a blog to tell other people what being english in foreign countries is like, the different experiences, beauty, lingo and everything different and alike. I will try post every day without fail but do have exams coming up. Thanks for reading and please keep exploring! 🙂


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