No Views! :(

Very upset 😦 no views!!! It’s okay, guys. Over the past days I have got over my very deep disappointment and endured many english classes and have realised that most great Poets. Lord Byron, John Donne??? have become famous after they’re dead. Okay, hoping I’m not a recluse for THAT long and you’ll come to realise my greatness soon so I will allow you a week, month or at a stretch a year for you to give me at least one view, comment, look even any kind of acknowledgement. But please hurry, I’m 15 (16 soon). I don’t have a lifetime. 🙂 P.S Here’s something any Harry Potter fan can’t resist xxx


2 thoughts on “No Views! :(

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  1. Keep it up! Keep posting 🙂 blogs tend to get more regular views when they keep posting content. Don’t lose heart! I’m excited to read about your life after jumping continents. Tell us something about yourself or your interests– not personal details, but what you like reading or watching, what music you like to listen to, if it’s hard to find your old favorite foods in Australia and if you’ve found new foods to like.


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