I have discovered Youtubers!

Happy 2015 everyone!!!

I have made New Years Resolutions, but I would rather suprise you and see what you think I’m doing differently. I have recently discovered Youtubers, these include the likes of Zoella, Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and of course Tanya Burr my absolute fave! If you haven’t discovered them yet but love all things beauty, hair, lifestyle, baking and most things girly you will love them. I’ve never been super girly but neither a tomboy so I’m kind of in the middle and I still love all of their Vlog’s. At the moment I’m watching episode 19 of Vlogmas on Tanya Burr’s channel.

They have been inspiring and have inspired me to create a pair of shorts from jeans. Yes it took me most of the day but it was worth it as they look great. The shorts are from some boot cut jeans which are super old but still fit. I cut the line of where I wanted them to be on me then i frayed the bottom, it took me 2 hours! Then I got some lace from an item of clothing and sewed them to the back pockets.

These YouTubers have inspired me so much that I am so pumped to create my own channnel most of you, including me would say “oh no she’s one of them girls” so knowing myself if I still feel the same way about creating a YouTube channel when i get older I will and I will not abandon it and Tanya Burr is my Youtubing idol x This Blog is a stepping stone to the Vlogs. However I understand that those You tubers have had sooo much luck and become famous due to their channels and have brought out books and beauty lines. I want to discover the secrets of success therefore I will watch ever video and watch them with hawk eyes (sounds creepy but there’s a saying along those lines, isn’t there?)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Lots of love Lucy xxx

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