A bit like Anxiety

Hey Guys,

Reading a book called Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) at the moment, got it for my Birthday yesterday! already nearly half of the way through and loving it.

Penny (The protagonist) has social anxiety and is prone to panic attacks. I have only ever had one panic attack that was when I had a hyperventilating fit.

I get something a bit different a lot of the time, several times a week sometimes; I am really like really susceptible to feeling faint, like all the time. During Health classes when everyone else in the class is happy and listening contently, straightening my hair, strenuous exercise, being in or near a hospital, vets, dentistry and anything really but it all gets twice as bad with yucky stuff like needles, human anatomy, blood (even just talking about all this stuff).

I go through different stage 1; feel faint-headed (maybe a headache) 2; heart starts beating really fast and i start to panic 3; eyesight and hearing goes blurry and muffled 4; start blacking out (all gets worse with moving). BELIEVE IT I HAVE NEVER EVER FAINTED EVER THOUGH I SWEAR I AM SECONDS TO IT EVERY TIME. It happens a lot of the time and i just put my head in between my knees and after a while It goes. This hinders me a lot of the time.

Does anyone else experience anything like this or really anything at all, would love to hear.

Sleep tight x

Does anyone else have this or any other issue or anxiety problem because I would love to hear it


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