I need a boyfriend (I’m not desperate)

Hey peeps,

At service today – volunteering at an elderly home. Which included knitting for 2 hours straight with stomach cramps (some might call therapeutic). It was tough but turned out to be a lot better than expected. spoke to many an old person and one of them helped me cast on (how you start knitting). The disappointing part was that she being from the maybe prime time 70’s (no offense if its wrong)

she asked me ‘Do you have a boyfriend?

I replied “no”.

She then said “oh I’m surprised because -you’re pretty – Whats a pretty girl like you doing without a bf?”

Oh *Shrug*

Now I can’t not admit the pretty bit left me chuffed because those are the kind of things your mum says to you however old ladies might be included (so not that chuffed). However, being a 16 year old who has ‘never been kissed’ (properly) this just makes me depressed. I want  boyfriend because… it would be nice but how, I have no idea how??? So I don’t want to seem like a 16 year old that is a weirdo, because I’m not or desperate, because I’m not. However the first guy that takes an interest in me will not be trampled over because I will not be desperate AND I DEFINITELY WILL NOT SETTLE! So you could really say that I am waiting for that someone special to come and yes I suppose I am but I would love it if they might turn that stroll into a jog. hay!!!! , who’s with me?


So start jogging Sam Claflin! 😛

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