Places to go in Japan – Arashiyama

Hey all!!!

Before I made this blog I went on an exchange to Japan this was the best thing evaaaaaaaaa!!! honestly, I had never had such a thrill seeking experience. It was beautiful, historical, magical and just wondrous. I was there for 2 weeks – One week travelling and the next homestay. Now as an outsider these places stood out to me – and let me tell you we went everywhere.


Now, don’t get me started this place was magical! It’s a large town with many winding narrow country roads. It was beautiful, we hired bikes after we got off the train and then we went over this bridge which was absolutely gorgeous along with a few gracefully hanging cherry blossoms.


I loved the whole experience of Arashiyama – this bridge was the busiest thing ever though and I struggled to manoeuvre around the traffic on the bike. We then went through the main town seeing all the little markets, traditional Japanese carts being pulled by tiny but fit men with massive bamboo hats.

We went through many tiny narrow country-like streets which felt like we were in the middle of a doll’s house! All the houses were bamboo or wooden, it was all traditional and unexplainably authentically Japanese – like it was the olden days – I can’t even begin to explain the beauty of these tiny roads.

We cycled all the way up, slowly inclining, stopping for a CC orange drink from the every-100m-vending-machines. – LITERALLY EVERY 100M!!! Passing traditional Japanese gates of shrines and a tram we reached the famous Bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is full of massive bamboo so that you can’t see the sky above. Also there were wedding pictures being taken of a Japanese wedding at that time which made it extra special.


After a lot of walking and the beauty of everything we picked up our bikes from where we left them locked outside and headed to the town for a spot of shopping and lunch. I bought a few token souvenirs and had some lovely on the go market snack for lunch with a Ice Cream that was Cherry blossom flavoured! It is an acquired taste which I didn’t have but It was okay and I loved the inventive flavour – being able to see what you’re eating. We then made our way back to drop of our bikes and catch the train through busy and grueling death-trap roads, but thats all part of the experience, I guess.


If you ever go to Japan you must do this because it is amazingly gorgeous and one of my top places in Japan so far because of its beauty and authenticity!

Love you all xxx


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