Yay!!! The time has come for Year 11 exams… an enthralling prospect in which I have done my first one today. Today was Lit. To sit in a hall for 3 hours for people left right and centre kind of makes your heart go crazy! I nearly had a pain attack last night, overcame it. Now for Literature we (2 classes) had to write three essays. This may not seem bad, but it was hard. See you’ve done the first essay, put all your effort into that and then you realise you have two more to go. Tricky, very tricky I could see my language spindling away as I reached the two hour mark. Towards the end you are lifeless, you need to pee and you feel overwhelmed and drowsy.

I was worried that I would use the three hours complacently: I started off well, all effort into that one and yes it was great but it took me about 1hour 5minutes. I then had a mini panic and decided that I needed to get on. However I finished with time to spare.

When you walk into the hall you are scared but have to overcome it, I freaked out because I couldn’t find my paper and everyone was sat down raring to start, its like trying to find a needle in a haystack and we’ve got harder ones too come.

I’ll try keep you updated just mind my stress levels are high x


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