Suggestions to battle Stress


I think exam time is worldwide now, In England A-levels are going on and Yr 11 and 12 WACE Examinations in Australia. Such a busy time!!!

and well stress means pimples, chapped lips (probs just me) and a busy overactive sleepless mind. I was sooo sleepy I think I slept the longest I ever have yesterday. I went to bed at a reasonable hour probs around 10 and woke up at 11:30 in the morning!!!!!! WHAT?!? IT FELT GREAT THO!

So now as I procrastinate doing math study here are some top tips from the worst stresser in the world, to the extent that before exams people won’t talk to me because I give them PASSIVE-STRESS!!!

1: I don’t but I can imagine if you drink lots of water It can help especially with the pimples thing

2: Take some time out to read and watch come dine with me or PLL

3: GO RUNNING!!! It helps soooo bad at clearing your mind and makes you feel great!

4: SLEEP will help you more than cramming at 11pm the night before the exam.

AlSo something which killed me… You’re not allowed to take LIP BALM into the exam like WTH my lips get really cracked as i told you before.

5: I find baths and moisturising with your best smelling moisturiser the best thing.


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