Exams are finito

Had my last exam today! YES! felt alright but not the euphoric glee that I expected. I constanty have to remind myself “Ahh You finished exams today :)” and well maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet anyway got many more to come! End of year, Year 12 semester 1, Mock Exams and finally The real thing… scary


Anyways!… I am really getting into running, I never thought I was one of those girls that liked running and I like it but I’m not one of those athletic, cross country girls.  I got 74th this year… I think however I keep telling myself that it was out of 200 . Overall though I run for a few reasons

1) To see everything at 1mph while wheezing because I’m out of breath

2) To keep fit

3) You guys don’t fall for any of that I do it to lose a few of those muffins (If you know what I mean, If you don’t rewind to the post on boyfriends)

And so far in the space of 28 recorded runs on Nike running app I have reached a milestone of 122.0km (thank you, thank you)!!! No, actually I’m quite proud of myself tbh! Won’t have to wait much longer Usain Bolt!!!

gtg best wishes! x


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