What I miss the most

Hey girls and boys,

Thought I’d concentrate more on what I’m missing from the U.K, and yes It has been five full years but I still miss it. Mum says I’m ‘sugar coating’ it meaning that all the good memories are coming together and forming my overall memory. She might be right, or maybe I just enjoyed everything. It was probably the whole ordeal of growing up boarding, spending weekends with friends and family. Like, I’m not putting Australia down, but I can’t see family which I haven’t seen for five years and I felt like there was just so much more to do/see. You can do all Perth’s attractions in a day and if you want to see Ningaloo or a reef or something you have to travel a day non-stop. Like, sorry Perth but whats the point in that!!! Anyways, school is nice I like the education system I suppose, sometimes, other times it can be a pain in the backside.

But there are a few things which I most positively ‘sugar coat’ these are

  1. Snow
  2. Those really chewy strawberry shaped and flavoured sweets
  3. The clothes shopping, Topshop, miss Selfridge etc
  4. Cafe’s
  6. The Weather (I’m getting sick of sun 24/7, and its meant to be winter!)
  7. The fact that everything seems to happen in Europe
  8. The Countryside
  9. The family
  10. Being among those who have your own accent!
  11. The social life
  12. The variety

Okay, just a few things that come to mind, I will without a doubt start kicking myself a bit later because I’ve forgotten something vital but for now thats it.

I will do one on Australia soon so this is a tad biased



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