Winter Holidays!

Its Winter Holidays now and that has me so excited because it means hot chocolates with squeezy cream, marshmallows and grated chocolate with white and milk chocolate buttons on the side (my recipe to a deluxe hot choc). At the moment it’s 7 degrees (Australians think thats cold) but I can’t say much as presently wrapped in leopard dressing gown, candle and electric blanket are on high (I’m risking the development of frostbite on my fingers by typing this post, that’s how much you guys mean to me).

Anyways I was thinking, as a 16 year old female/young lady/lady-that-acts-like-a-child among many others (please say I’m not the only one #samsmith) we are all paranoid. No matter how many times I try on convince myself to CHILL paranoia still hits me. Winter solstice has gone and girls start shaping up, through the pressure of the ‘bikini body’ (the more I read it the more I dislike the word). Now I must say this years paranoia has hit a record high. I am constantly trying to keep up those beach runs;

The other day someone asked me how often I try to go running and i was like… ‘at least 3 times a week, if it suits me’ and OMG BIGGEST FIB I have ever told (thats probs a lie too but whatevs). So being totally honest here my beach run is 4.8k (not 5 as I like to boast), although I say beach run I mean on the hill pathway above the beach, not on the beach at all (when I say beach some people misinterpret that to mean ON THE BEACH, like no, never). Whenever I eat something it passes my lips and my brain experiences split seconds of regret. Now I know thats not good and I should ‘Enjoy food’ and ‘Eat it in moderation’ I still struggle to stop that regret. But I have come to the conclusion that with everyday exercise I would say I walk a bit due to commuting, and that I should channel the inner regret to a supreme workout routine that gets that ‘Party 7’ not ‘six pack’ into some sort of feasible thing that is in a place where i should have a some sort of a structured place that joins my head to my legs.

And I will never regret (I don’t know if this saying helps me or not) that someone once said to me that women should be ‘tight and toned’. ugh, nothing else to say on behalf of this comment except that I hope it makes the person happy with herself/himself 🙂

mwah x

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