Evening all,

I encourage every single one of you to explore the world of food. 4 months previous to this post till now I have discovered a new world, whoa though don’t go thinking I’m a changed woman… I still binge eat, but I eat everything, healthy and unhealthy. I’m one of those girls that hoovers everything up on her plate unless i absolutely can’t stand it and the only thing I can’t stand is aniseed liquorice. So yeah, Mum taught me well, and its not a great lesson later in life. e.g I’m at a restaurant or a party and I finish my entire plate only to see others and that they have left stuff on they’re plate because it is too much. Well you could either say I’m brilliant and figuring out my ideal portion size or that I like my food a lot. I think I’m going to say a bit of both!

Lately I have discovered Vegan food the word of Lactose Free not meaning Dairy Free (Well this had me confused, how are Lactose and Dairy different, I thought they were both milk! Yet Lactose free stuff still has milk in it!!!!) Anyways rant over. Since like 4 months ago I have used ingredients such as Cacoa (the raw chocolate), Chai seeds, Sunflower seeds and made a Vegan Birthday cake and a really complicated Vegetable bake (like lasagne but with layered vegetables) all Vegan Free (prompt appraisal) I feel accomplished taking on this food challenge so herewith are the links to some Vegan smoothies, cakes and other michelin dishes:

Tried and tasted; bellissimo ( wouldn’t know its vegan) just remember too add more raspberries than it recommends. I made it as a Birthday Cake

Makes for a gorgeous brekkie smoothie just add half a banana and 4 big ice cubes with dates or honey to sweeten.

Had it for dinner this evening tastes amazing, just basically slithered veggies with some cashew, stock and onion sauce and herbs!

Enjoy the rest of your week! lets get through it together! Lots of Love x


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