A Book Review… Just to entertain a few (Doesn’t contain Spoilers)

The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling

Now, before I get started I’d just like to establish that I tried to erase all recollection of the previous beauty that had been invented by Ms Rowling, The Harry Potter Series. I knew that If I was to fully judge this book I could not do it to comparison to the best books every written in my opinion. Yes It may have motivated me to pick up this book, but It has not Influenced my reading.

I did not expect Witchcraft, Wizards, Magic, Dragons, Dumbledore, Hermione, Snape. (No matter how much I would have liked this)

Note: Because I was extremely interested in this and you may or may not already know about it, when J.K Rowling was writing HP she could not write at her home, after moving into a tiny flat in a town because it was too cold for her and her newborn daughter. If I am correct after watching this documentary she had just gone through an extremely hard break up and had completely nearly lost hope. So she fled to her imagination and wow, it must have been spectacular. She was refused my several publishing houses, getting accepted by Bloomsbury eventually. This was courageous and therefore she sees a lot of Harry in herself, as they do share the same Birthday. Rowling’s story makes me so happy and she is a true role model and I remain a faithful twitter follower to date. (shout out to Rowling’s twitter account @jk_rowling)

Overall on reading the book, yes it had me interested. it was a page turner towards the start but subsequently lost this on me as the main climatic event on which the story revolves around happens in the first few pages. The book took a lot of in-head-organising with the many characters names, opinions and values, what family they belonged to and the location of their house in the two main towns mentioned in the novel. However there was a flood of adventures yet to come after the first few pages with side stories that kept the book heated. It was a superb study of Anthropology in Rowling’s description, she used hypothetical towns, shaped families and people. Highlighted stages of life from the younger years to the riot and trouble that the teenage years brings highlighting class differences and finally all the adults with their different political and social differences. Rowling subtly created the society we live in today bringing with it all the lies, riot, control and social classes. Outlining political views on Conservatism and Labour. It was a very good outlook on society covering many aspects set in a well described and detailed town. However, lacked that novel structure of the suspense leading to the climax and had me lost in a jumble of which-character-is-which feeling.

Toodle pip and enjoy the week to come :/ 🙂 x


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