I am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes

Just finished this novel today, and I have attempted to express my love for it in this review;

When I read the first few chapters I have to admit I was stuck but i didn’t want to continue because it made me gag as I read it on the train and i remember that I had to sit down on a priority seat because I felt like I was going to faint, I didn’t luckily and I carried on reading. So warning as a 17yo I found it pretty intense and horrific, the first murder and also additionally I had to skip 2 pages of the third murder because I couldn’t stomach it. But don’t let this deter you I loved it, it gets less-horrific and it is AMAZING!!!

Wow, this book is just spectacular. There are so many life lessons learnt throughout, so many running symbols and the plot keeps you reading throughout. I would say I’m a reader but I happen to leave books halfway because they lose my interest or something else catches my eye, and I never left this book once. I think the name is appropriate because the main character is ever present throughout the book recalling memories from the past. The stories all entwine at the end to a gripping point that leaves America on edge. It is not too far fetched as ‘leaving america at risk’ might sound because everything is feasible and makes you think shit… what goes on in the intelligence community that the public doesn’t know because I’m sure there are real ‘saracen’ like people out there after reading this book. So its believable and the people the main character meet each seem to have a story to tell which combines at the end to leave you mind-boggled. I used to love Harry potter and all that but recently I have got into books like Zero Dark Thirty, Sniper-one, The girl on the Train and love the thriller plot. Well worth my time reading this and I would read it all over again! LOVE IT!
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