Now, ladies and gents by no means am I vegan. The draw of calcium and everything it entails is too strong. Like who can’t resist a hot chocolate on a chilly day and yes I know you can change it up with almond, rice, soy milk but Cadbury Hot Chocolate powder also contains milk solids (whatever they are) so hahaha! But… by no means am i a vegaphobe (vegan +phobia) I respect their values and I show so by indulging in vegan cooking and what not.

My mum is vegan and i don’t mind eating healthy plus when I’m digging into a bowl of triple chocolate ice cream I can’t help but feel guilty for my ma. So… I cracked a few eggs together and dusted some flour and what do you have Vegan success.

I’ll split this up… into savoury and sweet however my sweet tooth does draw me to the sweet side so the recipes might be a bit uneven.


The past few days I’ve been on a bit of a vegan baking journey.

Now this cake is amazing, you wouldn’t know it was vegan at all, however it can be a bit dry so I added some creme de cacao (chocolate liqueur) to moisten it up and yum, highly recommended.



Mushroom Magic

Now, I hate mushrooms but have made this on several ocassions and according to others it is divine, now it is literally 96% whole mushrooms so don’t think you will enjoy it if you’re not a mushroom fanatic.






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