No words to describe…

Well, I think I should start by addressing the elephant in the room – where the fuck have I been for 6 months? The answer is simple, I have been living life and very busily might I add. I finished high school and decided to travel and gain something before I started university, I can now thoroughly tick that off my list.

For the past 7 months I have been living life in Tokyo, Japan and the experience has been UNREAL. The people for one thing will always stay with me. Until know I didn’t think much of love, I was loved by my parents obviously and friends but whats really amazing is going somewhere completely foreign, knowing nobody and by the end of it knowing you are loved for who you naturally are. It’s amazing how over 7 weeks I have been loved and love so many people. In saying goodbye Monday I was close to tears and feel so emotionally attached to these people who love me for simply being ME! I think I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t change for anybody because the right people will love you for who you are (as cliche as it might be).

Tokyo as a city has given me all the feels. It has scared me, amazed me and had me puzzled many a time. It is a city with such a rich vibrant culture and Nature that engages with the modern world weirdly making it even more wonderful. No matter where I turned my mouth was usually agape :0 From the Pachinko slots at Akihabara filled with lines and lines of sweating men to the heights of Mount Takao with spectacular views of Tokyo and the picturesque mountains.

I also am in awe of everyone in Tokyo, the ability to live in such small places, participating in the rush to work every single day. I did it for high school but here the daily ‘rat race’ is taken to a whole new level.

To the Internship, despite you being not what I expected in every sense of the word you’ve also helped me grasp the importance of hard work , perseverance and politeness in the face of rudeness. To my employers, thank you for the opportunity. But to the people that made me smile, cry and ‘dab’ everyday, you made this trip so special to me and without you I would not have had the time I did. Thank you Tokyo for accommodating a nieve little 18yo in such a big, vibrant city, you have been very kind to me and I am unbelievably grateful

‘See you later’ xxx


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