*clears throat* Yes, I’m still in the land of the living


OMG, Wow the last time I posted was all about my trip in Japan and since then everything’s been very different!  I have started University and am doing a double degree in Economics and Business Law (With broadening units in Japanese of course). I wish I had read a blog post like this a year ago so my stressed, excitable 17 year old self could have judged over and hopefully taken something from it, so here we are My first 2 and a half months in University.

I started in a bit of a rush, unsure of what to expect, never been to my university before except for an open day a few years back, but they’re just a blur and honestly it was a bit of a shock. I expected myself to just be put into a routine straight away and almost picked up and guided somewhere. But I missed orientation week so fat chance of that happening! But still I expected something at least.

My first few days at University, I didn’t grasp much of the content and felt like I had ‘FIRST YEAR’ stamped all over my forehead because well, look at me 🙂 But I was always optimistic that in no time at all I would have heaps of new friends. However, this was easier said than done, I realise now that tutorials didn’t properly start till week 3 and by the time you know where you’re going and have tutorials for every subject its week 4. Before you get to week 4 your traipsing around Uni, feeling like a bit of a hermit because you meet someone in one lecture and then you never see them again for the rest of your eventful life. So I learnt soon enough to try and grab their full name and become friends on Facebook but now reflecting on that I have about 5+ friends who I’ve spoken to once, were very nice and polite and well thats it. SO, for those first few weeks take a chill pill and get your shit organised, books, stationery and what not (you won’t get the chance again).

Then comes the real story, tutorials start and in this week, you have to come out of your shell (yes, thats the hermit reappearing) and make an effort to smile and be friendly because YOU WILL make friends and they love what you love and you just MESH!!! You’ll find yourself being the naughty schoolgirl again in tutorials because you just can’t stop lol-ling (bring back ’13).

So yeah… you’ll new make friends, you’ll lose connections to school friends because you just weren’t that close to them really and being at University has made you realise that you had nothing in common just were cramped together and at times agreed with each other. Yeah… thats another amazing thing, because all these new people and interested in what you’re interested in you just get on automatically so really its not that hard at all once you’ve got the tutes started, I was told this by a few people and at the time i was like ‘oh yeah, sure’ but no, its true.

So yeah thats an update, still coming out of my cliff fall since leaving Japan (the post-holiday depression that we all experience) as you have to enter into daily life again. But its going swimmingly, oooOO wait i said that too soon, Exams are coming (A.K.A Winter is Coming) *Oh yeah true, thats not just a game of thrones thing, because it is like beginning of winter atm* :))) Lol

And for some good Study memes that are relatable to the best of us see the Fb page ‘Student Problems’

Lucy x


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