Terror incites Love

Hiya all,

Note: For background music while reading this please tune into ‘O Children’ By Nick cave and the Bad Seeds ❤

What’s really resonated with me lately is these attacks. I feel as though the conflict of every movie is reflected in these attacks. Harry Potter, The Batman movies, Slumdog Millionaire. At the centre of all these movies is conflict. Obviously, I will use the example of Harry Potter. The Penultimate movie, I honestly think it was all filmed in black and White and I feel like this is where we are at the moment. The tent scene with the song ‘O Children’ and Harry & Hermione singing almost is some kind of representation for all this strength and courage shown by the world currently. Despite it almost seeming a bit cliche because of all the exploitation of scenes like this in movies I honestly think its the only way to carry on. The One Love Manchester concert, the tributes towards the London attacks, the streets of Manchester the morning after the attack. The scary part is three attacks in the space of three months in the space of 100 kilometres, that is enough to bring so many people down to their knees, I know it defeated much of my hope.

This has been a continual fight for at least two decades now, and behind the scenes and in the media it has taken too many lives. The thought of children hearing this by word of mouth, it incites fear. I know when I was younger I used to get nightmares about the crocodiles underneath the bed, these kids are imagining much worse underneath their beds being exposed to such hatred and terror. I saw a tweet the other day the morning after the concert in Manchester only to hear a public figure with children had woken up his children to watch the concert from start to finish. And I think thats the most important thing, not to let children be scared but to teach them that we must go on and persevere.

I feel as though the feeling around the world currently is that of defiance and pride that the population have not shied away from these instigations of terror. This needs to continue because I think we will need this continued support from one another for a while longer sadly.


Lucy xxx


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