A Book Review… Just to entertain a few (Doesn’t contain Spoilers)

The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling Now, before I get started I'd just like to establish that I tried to erase all recollection of the previous beauty that had been invented by Ms Rowling, The Harry Potter Series. I knew that If I was to fully judge this book I could not do it to... Continue Reading →



Evening all, I encourage every single one of you to explore the world of food. 4 months previous to this post till now I have discovered a new world, whoa though don't go thinking I'm a changed woman... I still binge eat, but I eat everything, healthy and unhealthy. I'm one of those girls that... Continue Reading →

'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light'

Winter Holidays!

Its Winter Holidays now and that has me so excited because it means hot chocolates with squeezy cream, marshmallows and grated chocolate with white and milk chocolate buttons on the side (my recipe to a deluxe hot choc). At the moment it's 7 degrees (Australians think thats cold) but I can't say much as presently... Continue Reading →

What I miss the most

Hey girls and boys, Thought I'd concentrate more on what I'm missing from the U.K, and yes It has been five full years but I still miss it. Mum says I'm 'sugar coating' it meaning that all the good memories are coming together and forming my overall memory. She might be right, or maybe I... Continue Reading →

Exams are finito

Had my last exam today! YES! felt alright but not the euphoric glee that I expected. I constanty have to remind myself "Ahh You finished exams today :)" and well maybe it just hasn't hit me yet anyway got many more to come! End of year, Year 12 semester 1, Mock Exams and finally The... Continue Reading →

Suggestions to battle Stress

Hey, I think exam time is worldwide now, In England A-levels are going on and Yr 11 and 12 WACE Examinations in Australia. Such a busy time!!! and well stress means pimples, chapped lips (probs just me) and a busy overactive sleepless mind. I was sooo sleepy I think I slept the longest I ever... Continue Reading →


Yay!!! The time has come for Year 11 exams... an enthralling prospect in which I have done my first one today. Today was Lit. To sit in a hall for 3 hours for people left right and centre kind of makes your heart go crazy! I nearly had a pain attack last night, overcame it.... Continue Reading →

Places to go in Japan – Arashiyama

Hey all!!! Before I made this blog I went on an exchange to Japan this was the best thing evaaaaaaaaa!!! honestly, I had never had such a thrill seeking experience. It was beautiful, historical, magical and just wondrous. I was there for 2 weeks - One week travelling and the next homestay. Now as an... Continue Reading →

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